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Volunteer at St. John’s.

A great way to get more involved at St. John’s is by volunteering to serve during our worship service! If you are interested in serving for any of the positions below, please contact the Office Administrator:

For more information about how to get involved at St. John’s email us at

Altar Guild

Prepare the altar before the worship service, and take care of the objects used during worship service.


Stand by the front entrance and warmly welcome those that walk through it with a smile and the morning’s bulletin, noting any newcomers in particular and helping to make them feel welcomed. Collect offerings, and bring up the bread and the wine during service.

Liturgical Assistant

Help serve alongside the Priest, and assist in conducting the service.


Read aloud that Sunday’s Old Testament Lesson or the Epistle Reading.

Prayers of the People

Select from one of the 6 prayers found in the Book of Common Prayer (pages 383 – 393) and lead in a time of prayer.

Chalice Bearer

Assist the Priest in giving out the wine to those who partake in the Communion.

Coffee Hour

  • Set-up: you and another volunteer pair up to set up for coffee hour, which includes brewing coffee, setting the table of foods, putting out napkins, and etc.
  • Food: fruits, baked goods, chips and salsa, cheese and other spreads, popsicles, … you name it! If edible and too good to have by yourself, please bring them to share with the church.
  • Clean-up: collect emptied plates and used cups, and wash them so that we will have clean utensils and china to use next week. Trash is also taken out.
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