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St. John’s was originally a Sunday School establishment of another parish called St. Paul’s, which in the 1840s saw the need to accommodate the needs of its body of parishioners who were geographically far away from the parish. For this reason, our original location was on the corner of State and Elm Streets. Then in 1852, St. John’s Episcopal Church was founded. Founded with the mission to reach out to the growing New Haven population, St. John’s quickly established itself as a thriving community. To accommodate the fast growing church, the church moved to its current location on Orange and Humphrey Streets in 1895.

Located in the heart of East Rock, a New Haven neighborhood, and blocks from Yale University, St. John’s has always had strong ties to the Yale community, including Yale Divinity School and its Episcopal Seminary, Berkeley Divinity School. Several of our rectors have come from Berkeley Divinity School, and many of its students have joined us as parish members as well as ministry interns.

Our beautiful building has recently expanded with the addition of an undercroft that now includes ample space for children’s nursery, game room, and Sunday school classrooms. In addition, we have splendid windows, pictured above, which add characteristic and historic charm to our building.

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