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Special Services

Holy Week Services:

Palm Sunday — April 14, 10:30 am

Maundy Thursday: Footwashing & Eucharist — April 18, 7pm (Vigil begins at 9)

Good Friday: Meditations on the Last 7 Words of Christ — April 19, 7pm

Easter Sunday–April 21, 10:30am

Holy Week Prayer Vigil – SIGN UP HERE 

Grace Chapel, Thursday, April 18, 9pm — Sunday, April 21, 10am

After the Last Supper, when he was praying in the Garden, Jesus asked his disciples to wait and watch with him. This Holy Week we are extending to St. John’s an invitation to wait and watch with Jesus in the form of a Prayer Vigil, beginning at the conclusion of our Maundy Thursday service and running to the start of our Sunday morning service on Easter. This leaves 61 one-hour slots of unbroken prayer to fill, so we are going to need everyone’s help!

The Vigil itself will take place in Grace Chapel, which we are hoping to fit out with candles, icons, and a number of other resources to help focus our times of prayer. The goal is to encourage prayer in many forms, and there will be materials available to help those who wish to express their prayers artistically.

You can sign up for the Vigil by clicking here and filling in your name on the following spreadsheet. The spreadsheet also contains instructions for entering and exiting Grace Chapel, and what to do in the event you are locked out. It would help logistically, if people could sign up as soon as possible. Feel free to sign up for more than one shift if you would like to.

Your time in the Chapel is very much your own, but as part of our watch together, the Vestry and Clergy are also suggesting three focal areas for us all to be thinking and praying about: Penitence, People, Presence

Penitence. In Lent we are often brought face to face with the reality of our individual and corporate brokenness. As part of our time in prayer we can take these failures—personal and collective—to God in repentance, and leave them with Jesus at the foot of his cross.

People.   Intercessions:  There are currently many among in congregation struggling with serious illnesses, or other afflictions and troubles. What an incredible opportunity to harness the prayers of our whole church on their behalf.

Guidance:  This time of year is a time of transition. Let’s pray for all those in our parish seeking God’s will for the future, and also for our church itself, as we seek to discern God’s call to us as a community for the months and years ahead.

Many in our congregation are affiliated with Yale, including students, staff and faculty.  We pray for those who learn and those who teach.

We also pray for those who are seeking God, or a deeper relationship with God.  We pray for the freedom to share the healing love of Jesus Christ to those who do not yet know him.

Presence.  Even as we intercede for those in need, we pray for a greater sense of God’s Presence in our life, our parish and the communities in which we live and serve.  We pray for an abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit, drawing us into an intimate relationship with God.

Thank you for considering joining us in this adventure together in prayer.

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