Dear Church Greetings in Jesus’ name!

We have been enjoying several delightful summer days this week. I am happy to know that many of you are taking a much deserved and needed break from your busy schedules. I hope you are being refreshed, renewed and blessed. Chitra and I celebrate our thirty first wedding anniversary today along with David and Karen Mahan. We are so grateful for God’s enabling grace, His protection, leading and care as we journey together with God in our life.



Summer Evening

My Parents Iype and Anne Kovoor are staying with us. We have a big family wedding this week and all my siblings and uncles, aunts and cousins are gathering in New Jersey for a three day celebration. I hope some of them might be with us in church this Sunday.

Morning prayer every morning at 8 am is a precious time to gather together and worship God, listen to God’s word, pray for one another and experience the encouragement and support of God and others each morning before we go to our respective places of work. Do come and join us.

Prayer is vital for each one of us. Prayer is simply being in touch with God both listening and sharing with God our deepest hopes, fears and joys. Our Lord Jesus Christ thought prayer was both necessary and important. We read in Mark 1:35 that Jesus would wake up early in the morning and go to a quiet place to pray. I remind myself if Jesus needed to pray how much more I need to spend time with our heavenly Father enjoying His presence and feeding on His word. Our friendship with God grows with time invested and set apart to develop and cultivate this incredible relationship. Our regularity and frequency of prayer creates patterns and channels for God to engage with us in our daily life. If you have not been setting apart time for prayer may I encourage you to do so and experience the blessings of God as you respond to God’s nudging’s and promptings in obedience. Prayer must and will transform you as it leads us into a life of faithful and humble service that seeks to please God and bless our neighbors, friends, colleagues and even our locality.

There are opportunities to respond to the needs of Refugees: Ashley Makar from IRIS has written to enquire if there would be any one interested from St John’s to help furnish and set up an apartment for a refugee family. This would involve helping to collect donations, moving furniture into refugee homes, and setting up & cleaning the homes before a family’s arrival. She writes that there’s a group from Avon Congregational who is willing to offer hands-on training this summer to new groups who want to do apartment set-ups in the future. Do get in touch with me if you would like to get involved.

Ashley encourages us by writing I also want to thank you for keeping the doors of St. John’s open for prayer during the day. Just last week, I ran into an Eritrean refugee on Humphrey and Orange. He told me he goes inside St. John’s from time to time to pray for his mother, who is blind and living in Eritrea. Open doors, Prayer and fellowship must encourage each of us to be open to God for opportunities to serve those who are on the margins, dysfunctional, often broken, confused and desperately in need. Such people come in all sizes, some of them are receptive and honest, others have become manipulators and crooks. They are all God’s children desperately in need of a breakthrough and in need of a fresh touch from the Lord expressed through an act of kindness a word of encouragement and hope.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 8.00 am or 9.30 am remember it is now operating on our summer schedule. Be assured of my love, friendship, support and prayers.


Your Pastor and brother in Christ Jesus,

George I. Kovoor
The Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church