Dear Church Greetings in Jesus’ name!
It has been a good and busy week with my parents who are visiting with us. Chitra and I are so glad to be able to look after my parents who normally live with my youngest sister Mary and her family in San Jose, in California. The family wedding in New Jersey was a blessing and a great joy, with so many of my family who gathered together for this event.



Morning prayer: every morning at 8 am is a precious time to gather together and worship God, listen to God’s word, pray for one another and experience the encouragement and support of God each morning before we go to our respective places of work. Do come and join us.


Prayer is vital for each one of us: In Luke’s Gospel

chapter 11 the disciples went to Jesus and asked him to teach them to pray. He offered them a simple short prayer which began with the words “ Our Father…” Prayer and faith are intensely personal and private. Jesus helps his disciples to recognize that God who was regarded by many as unknowable and distant can be known in the most Personal ways. You can call God in an intimate way calling God “Abba” (daddy). If we can approach the “King of Kings, the absolute – absolute, the creator of the universe,” and call God daddy! God becomes so incredibly accessible! God is approachable and is some one that any one we can relate to as a loving heavenly Father. May I encourage each of us to read the Lord’s Prayer and make it our own. I propose over the next few weeks to highlight one simple truth from this most famous of all prayers for our encouragement.

The New Presiding Bishop: The Episcopal Church has elected the Rt. Rev. Michael B. Currie as the new 27th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. He won with a massive majority in the first round itself. He is our first Black African American Presiding Bishop. I know him and can tell you that he is a wonderful, joyful evangelist who is passionate about the gospel and an inspirational Christian preacher. Do pray for him and his family as they move from North Carolina to New York to take on this new responsibility.

These are some extracts of what he said to the house of deputies after his election:
“It really is a blessing and privilege to serve our church and to serve our Lord in this way,” he said. “I treasure this church, this house, the House of Bishops, all of us. We are God’s children.” Curry said The Episcopal Church is “the church where I learned about Jesus.” “…This is a good and wonderful church and we are good and wonderful people and I thank God to be one of the baptized among you,” “My heart is really full.” “We’ve got a society where there are challenges before us and there are crises all around us. And the church has challenges before it,” he said. “We got a God and there really is a Jesus, and we are part of the Jesus Movement. Nothing can stop the movement of God’s love in this world.”


July 4th Independence Day: is a day to celebrate and an opportunity to thank God for our Freedom, the gift of self determination and proclaim the inalienable rights of individuals to live with dignity and mutual respect. We are grateful to God and the countless people who have fought for our liberty and freedom by giving up their lives so that we might be able to live in a civil and just society. As Christians we acknowledge the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of all. We must defend our fundamental freedoms as we commit ourselves in pursuing the values and ideals that shaped our freedom struggle against the British. As an Indian, I too share this freedom and value the sacrifice of so many who made it possible for us to live with our heads held high.



Movie Night: on Wednesday July 8 at 7 pm we will be screening in the church AMAZING GRACE the remarkable story of the epic struggle by William Wilberforce in his tireless endeavours to abolish slavery in the British Empire. It is a fantastic film I have seen it twice and have been moved and inspired by the life of William Wilberforce. Come and be blessed. The cast include Ioan Gruffudd as William Wilberforce and Benedict Cumbarbatch as Prime minister William Pitt



I look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 8:00 am or 9:30 am in Church. Remember we are now operating on our summer schedule. Be assured of my love, friendship, support and prayers. God bless you if you are travelling to be with family or are going out on vacation. Stay safe and be happy.

Your Pastor and brother in Christ Jesus,

George I. Kovoor
The Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church