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SextonSexton – Mazen Al Babaka

Mazen Al Babaka is a devout Christian, who has been an exemplary and faithful Sexton of St. John’s, since March of 2014. Mazen belongs to the ancient Chaldean Church. He is originally from Mosul, Iraq, though born in Baghdad. He worked in the family leather business as a student, having graduated from the Petroleum Training Institute in Baghdad. He was conscripted to the Iraqi army in the corps of engineers soon after, though an injury at work brought about an early leave. He then worked in the oil industry and later moved to the hotel business. He and his family came to the USA in 2010 as refugees from Jordon to flee the persecution there for their Christian faith. Mazen’s devotion to God is expressed through his ever willingness to serve at and around St. John’s. The beauty and cleanliness of St. John’s building is a testament to the care and love with which he orders and maintains the church sanctuary and our beautiful grounds.

Sexton: The words “sexton” and “sacristan” both derive from the Medieval Latin word sacristanus, meaning “custodian of sacred objects.” A sexton is a functionary of a church, charged with the maintenance of its building and surrounding grounds. Historically, they were responsible for the order and upkeep of the house of worship, including the care of the church buildings, its furnishings, and sacred relics, used in the liturgy and other public acts of worship.

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