Going Deeper Theologically


In keeping with our emphasis to “go deeper” with the Lord and with one another, St. John’s maintains several initiatives that help us to go deeper theologically. With the wealth of resources available through members of our church, we are excited about the many ways these programs help us to understand God and our faith.

Kitchen Table Series

The Kitchen Table is our “family time”. These gatherings feature testimonies and biblical reflections from our fellow parishioners about their faith journeys and are typically paired with a home-cooked meal. Stay tuned for updates on the next Kitchen Table event.

Lecture Series

About once per semester, St. John’s welcomes a speaker to discuss theological and apologetic topics. Last year we welcomed Professors Bruce Gordon and Michal Beth Dinkler of the Yale Divinity School. More information on upcoming events will be posted.

Home Scripture Study

The Home Scripture study is an intensive exploration of Scripture with the goal of deepening our commitment to Christ, to one another, and to the mission of Christ in the world. Each year we focus on one portion of the Bible, often one of the shorter Epistles. In addition to studying the passage each week, we also pray for one another and enjoy a brief time of fellowship after.

Lectionary Audio Meditations

A new initiative that developed out of the coronavirus pandemic, the Lectionary Meditations offer parishioners a chance to reflect on the scripture readings for the week. The short audio recordings of these meditations are available on our blog site: www.stjohnsnewhaven.life