Due to the spread of COVID-19, services inside St. John’s building have been suspended until further notice.  We are now offering limited seating for outdoor viewing of our Zoom service (more information below).

Sunday Service
10:30 AM

Zoom Service

While meeting in the building is not yet possible, we are holding Sunday services over Zoom. Links to these services are sent out in advance using our email list. We also send out a PDF copy of the service liturgy, which is also available on this webpage.

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Churchyard Gathering

As part of our phased reopening, we are offering the option to watch the Zoom service from St. John’s backyard. We are currently limiting space to 30 people. Please plan on bringing something to sit on and make sure to wear a mask. RSVP by Saturday at 2 PM.



Do I need to RSVP for service?

An RSVP is required to attend the Backyard Gathering so that we can manage how many people attend.

To receive the Zoom link, please join our email list or complete the request form on this page.

Where does St. John’s meet?

We are currently meeting over Zoom. The Backyard Gathering meets in the yard behind the church.

Is childcare provided?

We are not currently offering childcare, but do typically offer Children’s Church and Nursery during in-building Sunday Services.

Where can I park?

Parking is available along Humphrey St. and Orange St. near the church. For Sunday Service, you may also use the New Haven Lawn Club’s rear lot.


400 Humphrey St
New Haven, CT 06511

Recent Sermons


Our worship services follow liturgies from the Book of Common Prayer. Our style is both traditional, incorporating ancient prayers, choral anthems, and hymns accompanied by the organ, and contemporary, incorporating newer worship songs…

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Our worship services follow liturgies from the Book of Common Prayer. Our style is both traditional, incorporating ancient prayers, choral anthems, and hymns accompanied by the organ, and contemporary, incorporating newer worship songs.

We are committed to diverse musical expressions as we seek to honor a richly creative God. We are also committed to worshipping together across different styles, reaffirming the unity of the body of Christ. Therefore, our musical style varies widely even within a single service, and on any given Sunday you might hear the choir accompanied by the organ, a soloist accompanied by the guitar, the accordion, or even the djembe!

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What to Expect

Zoom Service/Backyard Gathering

Our Zoom service follows the typical Order of Service as outlined below, but omits the Holy Eucharist. The liturgy and link for this service are shared weekly through our email list.

The Backyard Gathering provides an opportunity to watch the Zoom service together in a small group. Signs will be posted at the Backyard Gathering that give clear direction on how to enter and exit the yard to maintain physical distance. If you have RSVP’d to the Backyard Gathering, please make sure to bring a blanket or chairs to sit on. QR codes are available that link to the liturgy and online giving.

Before Service*

When you walk into the church, you will be welcomed by a Greeter and receive a copy of our bulletin. The bulletin contains most of what we will be praying, saying, and hearing during service. Please feel free to participate and follow along as you are able. The bulletin also contains instructions on how to follow the liturgy on the inside cover.

Order of Service*

We begin with an opening hymn, which is followed by a series of prayers and readings. The readings, or the lectionary, include two readings, a Psalm, and a Gospel lesson. We will sing a gospel hymn before the Gospel lesson. Because the Gospels often include Jesus’ very words, or words that proclaim the stories of His life, it is customary to stand during the Gospel lesson, out of reverence. A short sermon follows the reading of the Gospel lesson. We then recite the creed, pray together, and receive an offering. After this, we receive Holy Eucharist and close with a final hymn.

Holy Eucharist**

The core of our service is Holy Communion, also known as the Eucharist. This sacrament derives from the supper that Jesus held with his disciples on the night before his arrest and crucifixion. Upon invitation from the priest, the congregation walks up to the front of the church and kneels around the table, receiving the consecrated bread or wafer in cupped hands. After you receive the wafer, a chalice bearer will offer you the wine. You are welcome to dip your wafer in the wine or drink from the chalice directly.***

After Service*

After the service is over, we gather in the Parish Hall for a delightful and fabulous Fellowship Hour.

*This section corresponds to our typical in-person service
**At this time, we are only offering Holy Eucharist to those in our Churchyard Gathering or throughout the week to those who request it.
***We are following the ECCT and state guidelines.