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John Hare — Warden

John Hare is Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology at Yale University.  He has also worked for Tyndale Biscoe Memorial High School, Srinagar, Kashmir, India (as high school teacher), Fellowship of Universities and Schools (as teacher and counselor), Lehigh University (as assistant professor), Medical College of Pennsylvania (as teacher), House Foreign Affairs Committee (as staff), Calvin College (as associate professor), and he is a published composer of church music.


Michèle Sigg — Vestry Member

Michèle Sigg has been a member of St. John’s since 2000.  She holds a Ph.D. in World Christianity and Missions from Boston University. She grew up in France as a missionary kid where her dad worked as a pastor in the Reformed Evangelical Church. She is married to Sam and they have three children. She leads the Children and Family Ministries Committee and the ESOL program at St. John’s.


Karen Mahan — Vestry Member

Growing up in Indonesia as a daughter of missionaries, Karen has always been fascinated by international cultures. She studied in Freiburg, Germany, before obtaining a B.A. in political science at U.C. Riverside and after a stint on Capitol Hill with the Ways and Means Committee, worked as a campus minister at Dartmouth College and subsequently at Yale. Karen has helped to coordinate student ministries in the Republic of Georgia and Cambridge, England, and she currently works with women in the Yale graduate community. She has a passion for helping people to integrate Scripture with their daily lives. In keeping with her international interests, Karen has enjoyed teaching ESL Bible classes for Yale-connected women, interacting with Yale World Fellows and working with refugees in New Haven area. She is married to David Mahan and they have three grown children.


Awet Andemicael — Vestry Member

Awet Andemicael is a Ph.D. candidate in theology at Yale, on track to graduate in 2019. If you speak with her for more than two minutes, she cannot help mentioning the glory of God, the transformation of humanity, and/or St. Irenaeus of Lyons, the subjects of her dissertation. Awet is also a classically-trained singer.


Ben Northrup —  Vestry Member

Ben Northrup is a longtime member of St. John’s and an architect at Stuart Lathars and Associates firm in New Haven. He manages the Property Committee at St. John’s, and can often be seen spotted around the St. John’s grounds working on a new project.


Jamie Dunn — Vestry Member

Jamie Dunn is a Ph.D. candidate in theology at Yale, where his research looks at different Christian accounts of the relationship between nature and grace in the late medieval and early modern periods. He can often be found leading worship in the St. John’s praise band.


Abbie Storch — Vestry Clerk

Abbie Storch is a recent graduate of Yale Divinity and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, where she earned her M.A.R. in Religion and Literature. She currently spends her time working as a research assistant in the Yale Humanities Department, biking around New Haven, and playing piano for Taizé services at St. John’s.

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