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During the break in our services, members of our parish have recorded brief reflections based on the lectionary. Join us in going deeper together in prayer, contemplation, and the Scriptures.


Easter Meditations

May 28 – Easter Meditation: Reflection on the Ascension by Drew Collins

May 26 – Easter Meditation: On God-givenness by Berit Goetz

May 21 – Easter Meditation: John 14 by Michele Sigg

May 19 – Easter Meditation: Journeying on the Road to Emmaus toward the Great Commission with our Great Physician by Yichuan Wang

May 12 – Easter Meditation: John 14 & 1 Peter 2 by Jamie Dougherty

May 7 – Easter Meditation: Doors, Loneliness, and Sheep by Sally Hansen

May 5 – Easter Meditation: Finding God in the Garden by Ruth Lively

April 30 – Easter Meditation: Psalm 116 by Shancia Jarrett

April 28 – Easter Meditation: The Road to Emmaus by Marie Hause

April 23 – Easter Meditation: The Resurrection of the Body by Sam Sigg

April 21 – Easter Meditation: The Old Churchyard by Abbie Storch


April 16 – Meditation on The Resurrection of Our Lord by Lenore Hammers

April 14 – Meditation on Psalm 46 by Kate Glerup


Lenten Meditations

For access to Lenten Meditations, please email the church office at


Stained Glass Gallery

You can use this gallery of St. John’s stained glass to assist in prayer and meditation from your home.


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